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Framed Canvas Prints

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"Wild of heart"| Framed Canvas Print Australian Kangaroo Paw Pink-Portrait
From $299.00 - $699.00


Framed canvas prints are such a simple way to creating drama in a room. Go big and bold or go home ! Our Australian botanical prints bring the beauty of nature to the inside. Printing on canvas tends to evoke a vibrancy for those wanting to make a strong statement.
Style your prints in one large statement piece or create intrigue with 2 pieces of art side by side that have a common theme.
 Our framed canvas prints are printed on a premium quality canvas and professionally stretched, framed and delivered ready to hang on your wall.
Our framed canvas prints are professionally stretched over a 3cm(depth) wooden frame. All artwork is also printed with a continuation of the artwork on the sides of the frames to ensure a gallery-style look.
We print and make all our artwork in Australia.


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