Set Of 3 Framed Prints

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Ready To Hang"Boroondara Trilogy Portrait Framed Print
From $669.00 - $1,040.00

We have come to the rescue and solved the dilemma of mix and matching your artwork to create a cohesive mood.

 Whether you are searching for a kitchen wall art print or a new hero in your living room we have curated a series of art collections to create your own Australian gallery of artwork.

Whilst the elements of our Australian flora prints are uniquely different, they will harmoniously work together to create an interesting statement.

Hang as a series of three together or cluster 2 together and hang the other framed art in another area of your house.

We mix and match our favourite elements of the Australian bush, The Australian Eucalyptus or the beauty of our familiar banksia  to create a richness and colour pop to any room.

Bring the beauty of Australian nature artwork to your home. Enjoy free delivery.

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