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"Allawah"|Australian Grevillea Framed Wall Print Black-Landscape

"Allawah"|Australian Grevillea Framed Wall Print Black-Landscape



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Bring texture and warmth to your home with our wall art print designed from our love affair of Australian botanicals and modern wall décor.

Featuring the grevillea and composed with other natives like the Kangaroo Paw, our artwork depicts the stunning vibrancy of the Australian landscape and its richness of colour.
Transform your living room with the free-flowing feel of the bush creating a stunning focal point amongst whites and natural interiors. 
Wall Art Print: "Allawah" - Australian Grevillea 
Product arrives ready to hang
Botanical name: Grevillea decora. The name is derived from the Latin ‘decorus’ meaning beautiful. Sometimes referred to as the Spider Flower these gorgeous vibrant flowers offer delicious nectar that our wild birds and bees love.
Colour: Red, tangerines, grey, greens


This product arrives ready to hang.

Quality Timber Frame 

Reflective Glass

Rope Included For Hanging