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"Carinya"|Australian Bottlebrush Framed Wall Print Black-Portrait

"Carinya"|Australian Bottlebrush Framed Wall Print Black-Portrait



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 Introducing our version of the stunning Australian native Callistemon also known as the Bottlebrush.

A truly spectacular part of Australia's landscape, their brightly coloured stigma’s in stunning colours of scarlet red, pink and yellow create the bottle-like shape flower of this hardy native bush. The bottlebrush bush attracts a familiar sight of buzzing bees & birds on a hot summer’s day in the Southern hemisphere and celebrates the Christmas festive season inside and outside the home with its sparkling crisp red flowers on display.

Artwork: "Carinya"- Australian Bottlebrush. Aboriginal meaning: "happy, peaceful home.
Colour: Sage greens, olive, tan & red on the grey putty base.

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Quality Timber Frame 

Reflective Glass

Rope Included For Hanging