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"Golden Spirit"|Australian Blue Gum Eucalyptus Framed Wall Print Black-Portrait

"Golden Spirit"|Australian Blue Gum Eucalyptus Framed Wall Print Black



Our readymade range will arrive at your door ready to sit back and enjoy!

Printed on premium recycled paper our artwork is framed with reflective glass and ready to hang.

We draw inspiration from the natural elements of the Australian landscape bringing you modern contemporary wall art. Our colours used, blend beautifully with interior spaces, giving warmth and harmony to your home.

Introducing Australia's national flower the Wattle. So rich and vibrant in rays of golden yellow this easy recognised hanging tree lights up the Australian landscape.
Bring the outside into your home with this unique piece of modern wall décor.
Wall Art Print: Golden Spirit - Australian Golden Wattle 
Colour: Yellow, teal green and navy


This product arrives ready to hang.

Quality Timber Frame 

Reflective Glass

Rope Included For Hanging

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