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"Jarrah Dreaming White" |Eucalyptus Leaf Framed Wall Print Natural

"Jarrah Dreaming White" |Eucalyptus Leaf Framed Wall Print Natural


A close-up view of the iconic Australian Blue Gum Eucalyptus leaf inviting the beauty of the bush into your living room interior.
The smell, look and feel of our Australian bush is something so unique. Sweet eucalyptus leaves, balmy summer days, and the stillness of the warm air.

Our framed wall print range will arrive at your door ready to sit back and enjoy!

Prints are printed on our premium recycled paper, framed with reflective glass, and ready to hang.

With its interesting spray of blues, lavenders, and greys this wall art print will invite a laid-back, calming feel to your bedroom or living space.
A feeling of freedom and open space is something you want to bottle up and keep forever.
In our Aboriginal culture, Jarrah means "A type of Eucalyptus tree" 
  Wall Art Print: "Jarrah Dreaming" Print with Ready Made Frame
  Colour: Blues, Greys, Lavender

 Frame Composition: Timber & Reflective Glass

 This product arrives ready to hang.

Quality Timber Frame 

Reflective Glass

Rope Included For Hanging

Made in Australia

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