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Mirambeena 2 & 3|2 Piece Wall Art

Mirambeena 2 & 3|2 Piece Wall Art


Set of 2

Whilst all our artwork elements are uniquely different, they harmoniously work together to add lashing of style and sophistication to any modern living room.

Simply hang as a series of 2 or hang separately to create a cohesive gallery of Australian art in your home.

  • You will receive two separate custom framed artworks
  • Natural timber frame, custom made in Australia
  • Shatterproof clear acrylic on the larger sizes
  • The sizes displayed are the finished art sizes
  • Rope Included for hanging
  • Felt Wall Protectors
  • Portrait
  • Shipped within 7 working days
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Free Delivery on all orders over $250

About the design

Artwork Combination: "Mirambeena 2 & 3