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" Saltbush"| Australian Banksia Framed Canvas Print-Landscape

" Saltbush"| Australian Banksia Framed Canvas Print-Landscape


Framed Canvas

Our box timber-framed canvases arrive ready to hang. All our canvases are professionally printed and hand-stretched onto a timber frame. The artwork is then framed with a natural oak box frame, 5mm from the edge of the canvas creating a shadow between the canvas and the frame. The addition of framing with timber adds a stunning warmth to the art and will add an extra dimension to your room.

Bring the beauty of the Australian landscape inside and experience the shimmering golden copper tones of our very own beach banksia. This sun-loving bush glistens in the bleached sand and sea it calls home. We know it will add the same warmth and feel to your chosen interior space.

Artwork: "Saltbush" - Australian Coastal Banksia: Her light stretches over the salt sea.

Colour: Cooper browns, Mustards, Taupes.
Introducing Australia's iconic native flower the Waratah, displayed here in stunning pink. 

Arrives ready to hang

Professionally hand-stretched

Framed with timber oak 

Premium 370 grm canvas 

Made in Australia 

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