Press Release 6th May 2020

Press Release 6th May 2020


Stuck indoors? Turn your home into a natural botanical haven

Two Gold Coast entrepreneurs have captured our unique Australian botanicals into stunning artwork and interior products for the modern Australian home - so we can all enjoy being surrounded by nature every day.

 ‘It all started during the bushfires says Lisa McDonald, director of Banksia Blue Studio. ‘Watching all our magnificent Australian bush going up in flames reminded me how blessed we are to have such stunning botanicals. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t feature more heavily in interior design in our own country.’

Lisa teamed up with partner and friend Suzanne Bobsien, a fashion and textile designer, to develop their own range of artwork devoted to Australian native botanicals. The Gold Coast-based entrepreneurs agreed on the importance of their artwork being designed and made in Australia. Supporting locally based production is an integral part of the Banksia Blue brand ethos.

‘We have an incredible depth of local talent,’ said Lisa and we have found a high-quality manufacturing hub that we are excited to support. We are so proud and honored to be working with like-minded creatives to produce a totally unique Australian collaboration. Australian homes have a unique feel that overseas designers just can’t capture.’

‘Along with creating a modern contemporary feel with our artwork the emphasis has been on sourcing local sustainable resources on which to print our artwork. It started with wood wall art and now our prints on quality recycled paper are also extremely popular,’ Lisa said. ‘We’ve just added our artwork to place mats and glass candles, it’s taken time to develop and produce these, but we are so happy with the outcome. They're simply stunning for the home and perfect for gifts too.’ Printing their gorgeous artwork onto 100% sustainable fabric, suitable for interiors is their next goal.

And their favourite design? ‘In my home, it’s the kangaroo paw, it reminds me of holidaying in country Victoria said Lisa. For Suzanne it’s the Wattle. "So easily recognized as part of the Australian landscape and I love our contemporary take on our national flower.”


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