Our Story

We often wondered why our gorgeous Australian botanicals and native plants weren’t celebrated more. As travellers and nature
lovers we admired what other nations proudly had on display but couldn’t find the equivalent on our own shores. What we could find however was often dated and just didn’t suit the modern interior space.

Our Quest..

Our quest to create something special started whilst in the COVID lock downs.  

Both our careers in design and product development and a keen interest in mental health and wellbeing (bringing up teenagers, older parents, navigating COVID etc) we valued not just the beauty of nature but the importance of surrounding yourself in nature for health and wellbeing.

Initially we played with some sketches and designs, called on some of our local artist friends and designers to contribute
then went to find local products in which to print on.

Australian Made

One thing was very clear for us, it had to be Australian Made, though not as easy as we hoped since
Australia gave up manufacturing many years ago! We persevered through many trials, errors and dedicated hours until finally we had created 6 gorgeous designs
that could be printed locally.

Where it all began

Using our original artwork for labels we quickly developed a range of Australian native essential oil eco candles and diffusers with a local candle maker and off to markets we went. 

The Rest Is History

It was during this time our customers asked if we would consider creating wall art from our designs, planting the seed to
expand further and as they say “the rest is history” …. 

Living our dream!

 It’s now nearly 5 years ago since we started Banksia Blue Studio and the growth of business, products, artwork, customers, website, corporate clients, local suppliers and our brand has been nothing short of heart-warming.

We have studied colour therapy, biophilic design, interior design, printing techniques including fabric, and sustainable framing to achieve where we are today.

Our love affair with the unique beauty of Australian fauna and flora continues to grow!

It's just the beginning

 As designers, consultants and experts in the principles of biophilic design for health and well being, we are so looking forward to the next 5 years, always striving to do better, to give back to our community and to share our knowledge, our artwork with you our valued customer