We are Female Founders..

Suzanne Bobsien & Lisa McDonald. Forming an invaluable partnership of creative and marketing minds combined with a deep friendship, Banksia Blue Studio was
created by combining love of the Australian landscape and appreciation of the true healing powers of nature..

Utilising our own creative skills
and expertise whilst empowering others has always been our philosophy in business. Now we can share our love of nature with a team of likeminded creatives and together pave the way in which people can thrive in happier, healthier and more productive interior spaces.”

Our Objective..

is to create impactful human connections to the healing power of nature through our art and design.

We Believe..

deeply in the biophilic design principles of bringing the outside in by recognising our bond with natural surroundings and applying it to our living and working spaces, resulting in measurable physical and psychological benefits. 

We Assist..

in creating inviting workplace and home interiors with a strong connection to nature through impactful design, powerful strategy, and collaboration. Whether it be a home, hospital, mental health facility, school, or office space, we strive to create spaces that ultimately boosts happiness, health and wellbeing.

We Honour...

collaboration through our connection to local artisans and makers to complete quality finished art and interior décor that is proudly 100% Australian Made.

We recognize the unique gifts and skills of every contributor to each of our projects, no matter what team they are on.

Our Responsibility

is to support individuals, companies and organisations to create a positive impact within their home, workspace and communities through the evidence based and healing principles of biophilic design.

Banksia Blue Studio

The brand