Sustainable Framing

Central to Banksia Blue Studio’s
ethos is an emphasis on sustainability in all aspects of our business – from championing artists who use natural and ethically sourced materials, to being environmentally conscious in our everyday operations. When creating our quality art framing, sustainability was a core consideration at every stage. Through responsibly sourcing woods, dyes, and finishes, as well as supporting sustainable practices, we have developed a collection of artisan frames that
truly reflects Banksia Blue Studio’s values. 

Local Artisan Workmanship

Only working with artisan framers, Banksia Blue Studio actively supports traditional craftsmanship. Each frame is crafted by hand, requiring a range of highly specialist skills to finish the frame. In all aspects of production, we support this beautiful artisan trade and respect the remuneration required, helping to sustain this craft. Since our framers are locally based, the environmental impact of transportation is significantly reduced. All our timber used is is sustainably grown in Australia–
such as the Tasmanian oak – which helps to diminish this impact further.
In addition, each frame is completed in-house by the same craftsmen, and so frames do not need to be delivered in between stages of production. Where
possible, we also use delivery companies that actively off-set their environmental impact.

Environmentally Sourced Australian Oak

The need to verify sustainable sources has become increasingly important for many of our private residential customers and larger
corporate art projects. As well as being a central concern for Banksia Blue Studio, we promote sustainability by using environmentally sourced Australian oak and specialist woods for our wood picture frames.

While wood is naturally a renewable material, responsible sourcing is of critical importance to make wood a truly ‘sustainable’ resource. Wood that has been classified as sustainable has been sourced from carefully managed forests: this prevents damage to eco-systems, the landscape and local wildlife, and ensures the longevity of the area as a woodland

Quality that lasts a lifetime

With our experience delivering art consultancy and quality finished artwork for a variety of larger projects, we understand the need for exceptional finishes in all aspects of the design scheme. In the same way that we create artwork that celebrates our love of the natural Australian landscape, our custom-made wood frames enhance and integrate with other natural
interior finishes.