Local Buy - Prequalified Buyer!

Local Buy - Prequalified Buyer!
We are so excited to announce that Banksia Blue Studio is now a pre qualified supplier for the incredible Queensland Government initiative Local Buy.

Since 2001, Local Buy has been the gateway which connects local government to local business. Local Buy has helped to reduce the risk, time and costs associated with internal procurement processes for their government clients.

Local Government in Queensland supports local suppliers by spending over $900 million a year through Local Buy Arrangements, which offer many benefits and more opportunities for local suppliers, councils, and a range of buyers.

Local Buy offers a range of services including streamlining procurement processes, providing extensive pre-approved supplier lists and providing ongoing support including probity.

Local Buy’s strict prequalified supplier process effectively means that government can access a range of goods and services through a quotation rather than a tender process.

Local Buy also offers an electronic tendering system and a managed tender service, whereby government can effectively outsource their tendering activities.

Local Buy Clients

  • Local Buy is committed to helping the following organisations reduce the risk, time and costs associated with the procurement process:
  • Queensland local government
  • Queensland state government
  • Local government owned corporations
  • Local government in other states
  • Statutory bodies
  • Universities
  • Federal government
  • Not-for-profit organisations

Buyers will benefit also, with increased compliance rigour and easy to navigate Arrangements so they can find what they are looking for. The increased tender opportunities means more suppliers that are local to them.

“Local Buy’s Arrangements are going Active in a way that is a first for Queensland and Local Government across Australia,” said Local Buy’s Chief Executive Peter Mifsud.

“This is the result of a significant investment by Local Buy to ensure this is done in a legislatively compliant and sustainable manner and achieves the critical objective of ensuring local suppliers have more access to opportunities.”

Request for Quotation

Local Buy clients are given access to an online quotation system where they can contact pre-qualified suppliers directly to purchase common goods, services and works. 

The user-friendly system also enables clients to check supplier insurances, information on their overall solutions and the general conditions of contract.

The direct quotation system gives clients full visibility and control over the procurement process.

Are Open Market Tenders the best approach?

Procurement progression is often undermined by the prohibitive costs of open market tenders.

Research has shown that a standard tender (valued over $200,000) can cost from $15,000 - $30,000 to facilitate. This cost increases to over $60,000 for more complex requirements such as works, construction and waste management tenders.

Going out to tender in the open market requires considerable resources and planning as there are stringent processes that government must follow to remain compliant. 

Local Buy estimates that councils can save approximately 16 weeks by utilising their pre-qualified contracts compared with going out to tender on the average construction project.

Queensland local government is committed to proactively enabling competitive local business and industry, supporting local businesses and employers by:

  • buying local
  • hiring local
  • growing local. 

We are so proud to know be part of this wonderful government service, supporting local businesses.


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