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Illuka Collection|3 Piece Wall Art

Illuka Collection|3 Piece Wall Art


Set Of 3

We have come to the rescue to solve the dilemma of mix and matching artwork together with our framed set of 3 trios!

Our artwork trios have been designed with complementary shades to take the guesswork out of creating a cohesive mood and style throughout your home.

Whilst all our artwork elements are uniquely different they harmoniously work together to add lashing of style and sophistication to any modern living room.

Simply hang as a series of 3 or hang separately to create a cohesive gallery of Australian art in your home.

Artwork Combination: Iluka, Allawah, and Beacon Of The Bush

 3 separate framed pieces ready to hang

Quality Timber Frame 

Reflective Glass

Rope Included For Hanging

Made in Australia

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