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"Mirambeena" | Australian Banksia Wall Art Print 1 - Portrait

"Mirambeena" | Australian Banksia Wall Art Print 1 - Portrait



From the beach to the bush the Australian banksia bush is an old and welcoming friend. As the sun rises they appear shimmering in their warm natural colours to reminds us of long summer days, flinging off responsibilities, kicking off our shoes, and taking in those small moments of blissful silence.

Our love affair with the Banksia continues with our close-up deconstruct view of this quintessential Australian icon..

Our 3-piece original Banksia artwork was created to be hung together as a trilogy or simply choose your favourite piece to make a talking point all on its own.

Welcome the warm caramel shades of desert mist in the banksia flower, hues of sage green in the foliage, and burnt bark in the detailed banksia fruit cone and branches.

The Banksia Trilogy artwork suits both natural wood or black frame finish and strikes a stunning interior statement on a white wall background.

 Artwork: "Mirambeena" -The indigenous meaning for welcome 

Print 1

 Material: Unframed print, printed on premium recycled paper.

  Printed and designed in Australia, supporting local artists