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"Mirambeena" Trilogy |3 Piece Wall Art- Black Frame

"Mirambeena" Trilogy |3 Piece Wall Art- Black Frame


Set Of 3

Our set of 3 ready framed artworks will arrive at your door for you to simply hang on your favourite wall, sit back and enjoy!

From the beach to the bush the Australian banksia bush is an old welcoming familiar friend. As the sun rises they appear shimmering in their warm natural colours to reminds us of long summer days of flinging off responsibilities, kicking off our shoes, and taking in those small moments of blissful silence.

Our love affair with the Banksia continues with our close-up deconstruct the view of this quintessential Australian icon.

Aptly named "Mirambeena" The indigenous meaning for welcome.

Welcome this true Australian native to your home.

Framed : Black

Print 1 ,2 3

  Size:  3 separate framed pieces ready to hang

Quality Timber Frame 

Reflective Glass

Rope Included For Hanging

Made in Australia