Australian Made

Australian Made

We always knew we were in very capable hands when we decided to produce in Australia.

It is so refreshing to collaborate with like-minded creatives that take our designs and contribute their craftsmanship that creates our contemporary wall art, wood wall art, table placemats, and candles.

Australian made is integral to the Banksia Blue Studio brand ethos. We want to marry the uniqueness of the Australian landscape with the quality of Australian manufacture.

Our vision for any of the wall art prints and home décor we produce is to ensure they stand the test of time and not place pressure on our beautiful planet by ending up in landfill a few years later.

Australia is home to a fantastic wealth of local home-grown talent who have all worked together to create our fine quality products. It is better for reducing our carbon footprint and it is good for the economy as well.

When you buy products that are made or grown in Australia; you are contributing to the wealth of the nation. It means that any profits will be staying in Australia, helping to pay people’s wages, and contributing to the prosperity of the nation. 

To us, that is the full circle of good business!


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