How To Choose The Right Size Artwork For Your Space.

How To Choose The Right Size Artwork For Your Space.
A well-styled, welcoming home is one that is full of art in each and every room.
Our artwork is inspired from the natural environment of the Australian landscape. By surrounding yourself with the tranquil elements of nature, your home will be forever filled with warmth and joy.
In this style guide we have chosen our favourite ways to style our prints as a general guide to help you. We hope our art becomes the hero in your rooms to enjoy and share with family and friends.
 How to choose the right size artwork
Follow our 4 tips for choosing the perfect fit for your space.  
Step 1. Consider the orientation whether it be landscape or portrait.
A portrait orientation will create height and openness whilst a landscape orientation is perfect to fill large expansive walls.
Step 2. Measure your space or furniture where the art will be placed. 
Step 3. Aim to fill  between 50 -75% of the available wall space.
When in doubt lean towards a slightly larger size rather than the smaller size  as you want your artwork to stand out.
 We offer 4 sizes in both framed and canvas prints for your consideration.
We offer the following portrait custom framed art sizes in both natural and black timber finishes for our Australian wall art prints.
We offer the following landscape custom framed art sizes in both natural and black finishes for our Australian wall art prints.
We offer the following portrait custom sizes for canvas wall art prints.
We offer the following landscape custom sizes for canvas wall art prints.
The heart and soul of the house is the living room and there's nothing better than artwork to create a rich and inviting feel. Select options such as one large or x-large framed artwork  or consider our 3 piece options. Three piece sets naturally draw the eye and intrigues the viewer into looking at each piece on it's own or as part of a whole impact. Choose two to three accent colours in your artwork and tone in with rugs, cushions and homewares.
Introduce a landscape wall art piece in the large or x-large size  to fill expansive wall spaces.
Another option is to select a twin print in either a large or x-large size. Twin prints will make your space seem wider and the wall seem taller.
Entrance styling creates the mood for the entire
home.  Imagine coming home after a long day and being met with the tranquility of nature as soon as you open the door. When decorating an entryway use one large piece of artwork or 2 piece artwork options that will anchor the space. Place homewares on table in groups of three to compliment your art such as a vase of flowers or books. Try not to clutter the space so your artwork becomes the hero.


It's true that twin art is not the first choice of many homeowners but after going through the process of finding the perfect twin art, it is sure to add magic to your space. Twin art pieces are a luxury that grabs your attention as soon as you enter the room. So even if it might be a bigger investment than adding one canvas art, it is definitely worth it!


When you think about how much time you spend in your kitchen or how often it ends up being the life of the party when you have guests over, it's clear that the kitchen is just as important as other parts of the house to style with art.

Gallery Walls - create
personality to a room

One large portrait artwork at the end of the table can completely elevate a dining area. Add further accents of warm wickers, wooden cutting boards and cannisters' to instantly bring heart and warmth to the kitchen space. One hero piece can instantly change the style of your space without the cost of a big kitchen renovation 

 Small pieces of art can look great on open shelving. 


Your bedroom is your sanctuary to relax and unwind. Beautiful artwork in soft gentle hues evokes that sense of calm this space needs. Large statement landscape pieces above a bed creates balance. 

Choose a size that almost covers the width of the headboard.


"The Golden Rules"

  • Always measure your bed or sideboard or table before you buy art.
  • Art should span almost the entire width of your bed’s headboard
  • It should also run almost the full width of your sideboard or dining table
  • If it’s above an entry table, same rules: span almost the full length, but never over
  • If it’s in an area with no furniture below it, it should take up a large amount of that wall

 We hope these tips and hanging wall art images have been helpful to you when considering what size wall art  to choose. When choosing a piece from Banksia Blue Studio please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you need a little more guidance on size and scale of your new artwork.

We are always pleased to assist in anyway we can,

Happy Home Styling!

Lisa and Suzx




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