Behind the Scenes of Banksia Blue Studio with creators Lisa and Suzanne

Behind the Scenes of Banksia Blue Studio with creators Lisa and Suzanne

Banksia Blue Studio was born during the 2019/20 bush fires. Watching the devastation of our magnificent Australian bush going up in flames was crushing to watch. But it also reminded us of how blessed we are to have such a stunning array of uniquely Australian native beauties. We wondered why they didn’t feature more in interior design within our own country.


Conceptually we knew what we wanted to create. We wanted to celebrate our gorgeous botanicals and natives showing off their vibrancy of colour, their unique detail and the flourishing abundance of the environment they live and grow in.

Like us, we knew they would evoke a memory, maybe from childhood or a special Australian holiday. We also knew our artwork had to work within a modern interior space. Once our artists captured and painted the native elements so beautifully, we had to design a composition that was contemporary and eye catching. We wanted to bring the outside in.


Naturally, our artwork had to be designed and made in Australia. We knew how to create a brand but supporting locally based production was also an integral part of our brand ethos. Keeping it Australian owned and supporting local manufacture was a must. Whilst researching and sourcing Australian sustainable resources to print on we found a high-quality manufacturing hub that we are now proud to be part of. Our artwork quickly grew into "collections" with the add-ons of wood décor, interior placemats and essential oil candles all displaying our Australian art and 100% made and sustainably sourced within Australia.


Excited with what we had created and the team of artisans who had helped our vision we were ready to launch. As any business start-up will know it’s a scramble to bring to life logo’s, websites, social media platforms, press releases and customers!

The release date came and we were in full swing before Christmas 2019. The response and feedback was sensational and we felt excited that what we loved and created was being purchased and displayed in our customer’s homes – what a thrill! Even more excitement when we received our first international order – they loved our Australian botanicals too!



Like most small businesses Covid19 struck a nasty blow but it hasn’t stopped us. We have new designs to create and new mediums on which to print on, all in Australia and sustainable of course! Now we’re a member of The Australian Made Campaign we feel invincible. We know this is the foundation of our business of creating and celebrating beautiful Australian art.

Banksia Blue Studio is excited to announce we now have our Kangaroo to add to all our art and home interior products!

The famous Australian Made Australia Grown AMAG logo is the true mark of Aussie authenticity. It's Australia's most trusted, recognised and widely used country of origin symbol, and is underpinned by a third-party accreditation system, which ensures products that carry the logo are certified as 'genuinely Australian”.


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