How to Decorate Small Spaces with Art.

How to Decorate Small Spaces with Art.

When it comes to home interiors decorating most of us struggle with making snap decisions. It feels like there’s a finality that comes with setting up your space and the challenging overwhelm in not wanting to make a mistake! Sometimes the difference between the place we live and a place that feels like home is how we fill it. With more of us working from home, it’s never been more important to enjoy your interior space, whatever the size!

  Framed Artwork for the Small Space.

Sometimes, it seems more important to tackle the largest walls in our homes but decorating a corner or small space can have just as much impact. Try featuring framed prints in a nook for a thoughtful touch and bring to life your new favourite corner in the house! Choose three (or more) of your favourite prints and stack them to make great use of an unassuming area.
Most people place art in their living room, dining room or the hallway, but when living in a small apartment you have to use every little bit of free space you got. If you have some space on your bathroom wall or bedroom nook, why not place an artwork there?
The Australian Wildflowers Gallery Set of 3 |A4 Gallery Art Collection Series


                Hanging Your Gallery Wall Art

There is no right or wrong height to hang a gallery wall. Ideally, you want to hang your gallery wall at eye level so that you’re not looking down or up at your work of art.  For a high wall pick the centre point to be slightly below eye level.
When measuring the space above your table or desired area, don’t forget to keep in mind the distance needed in between each artwork. We think 5-10cm is a good rule of thumb when hanging multiple pieces on your gallery wall.
The Australian Rain Forest Gallery Set of 3 |A4 Gallery Art Collection Series

What Artwork to Choose for a Small Space

Small spaces can often seem claustrophobic. One way to make an interior look more relaxing is by filling it up with art that has natural elements. Choose flower paintings or nature artwork to achieve a visually exciting and organic feel. Hanging a beautiful piece of nature will fill your home with the outdoors and not feel restricted by a small living space.
Along with nature inspired artwork, detailed artworks are also ideal for small apartments where people are naturally located in close proximity to the displayed art. Living in a small space will allow you and your guests to enjoy the details of the artworks on your gallery wall.
The Australian Gumtree Gallery Set of 3 |A4 Gallery Art Collection Series

  How to Decorate Small Spaces with Framed Artwork

By choosing a collection of artworks of similar style or genre, you can use them to create a stunning wall art gallery in your home. Creating a gallery view will bring the sensation of rhythm and symmetry into your home. Instead of hanging art pieces separately, group them together. Display several coherent pieces in one place. We suggest starting with 3 pieces, mixing both vertically and horizontally or position them all in one vertical or horizontal line (as shown below) to create both depth and interest.

Boroondara Trilogy |Australian Blue Gum Eucalyptus 3 Piece Wall Art- Natural Framed

Sustainable A4 Frames.

Our set of 3 Gallery Wall Art frames are made from 

 Sustainable Plantation timber with a glass front, acid-free mat and metal tabs. We offer these gorgeous frames in both natural and black timber to work with most interior spaces. The money raised from these frames goes towards land regeneration. By choosing carbon neutral products, we can each play our part in supporting the environment

Frame Size: A4 -300MM x 385MM 

Creating impact in small spaces          

           Remember, just because you live in a small apartment or house doesn’t mean you have to expel art from your home. The right artwork can make the place look bigger while showing off your good taste in art. Despite their size, small spaces still offer plenty of room to experiment creating elegant and creative solutions.




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