Transform Your Kitchen With Art

Transform Your Kitchen With Art
When you think about how much time you spend in your kitchen or how often it ends up being the life of the party, it's clear the kitchen is just as important as other parts of the house to style with art.
Here are a few tips to instantly refresh your kitchen area without the cost of a big renovation!

Oversized Art Adds Impact

One large oversized portrait framed art can add so much impact to the room. It anchors the spaces and draws the eye to the elements of the artwork. Mix with beautiful tones of natural wood to warm up the room. Add further accents of  wooden cutting boards and cannisters to bring heart and soul to the space.

Nature Wall Art Soothes The Soul

Throw the windows open and bring the elements of nature inside to warm up a white kitchen.
Nature wall art is one of the easiest way to create warmth and coziness. It doesn't demand attention but rather these palettes soothe the soul and evoke a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Create Complimentary Feature Walls

Another way to create a calm, tranquil, nature-inspired home is to paint your walls with colors pulled straight from the earth’s palette. Create cosy corners and areas of comfort with the latest colours from Dulux.
Carol Edwards , Our Dulux consultant suggests earthy tones to compliment the tones in elements in our artwork.


Or why not take some suggestions from the Dulux Colour Forecast 2022
The "Restore pallette is a mix of organic hues and earthy neutrals that also can compliment our elements we design from nature.

Gallery Walls Add Personality

Gallery Walls and triptych framed art options can set the tone of the room. They naturally draw the eye to the artwork and intrigue the viewer into looking at each piece on it's own or as part of the whole impact.
It naturally creates height and openness to the space.

Dining Room Styling With Art

We have come to the rescue and solved the dilemma of mix and matching your artwork to create a cohesive mood.
In a dining room a three piece wall art option creates balance with a long table and can anchor the dining room space.
Whilst the elements of our Australian flora prints are uniquely different, they will harmoniously work together to create an interesting statement.
Hang as a series of three together to bring a coziness to the room where family and friends come together for long conversations with food and wine.

 Never underestimate the power of art to transform your space. By surrounding yourself with the elements of nature your home will be forever filled warmth and love to share with with family and friends. We hope our artwork brings you joy.

Lisa and Suz x


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